Punschkrapferl, © Raimo Rumpler

Delicacies from the Vienna Woods.

The seal for products from the Vienna Woods.

The Vienna Woods have a varied range of producers, who produce their products with great care and quality consciousness. On the basis of this variety in the region, the seal "Schmankerl aus dem Wienerwald" was developed, which means "Delicacies from the Wienerwald" and puts these products under a common roof.

Lived regionality with the seal "Schmankerl aus dem Wienerwald"

The seal "Schmankerl aus dem Wienerwald" stands for quality consciousness. Knowledge of where the products come from is crucial for the awarding of the seal. While regionality often cannot be clearly geographically defined, it was specified for the Vienna Woods delicacy seal that the value-determining ingredients of the product or the main part of the added value must come from the Vienna Woods.