Naturpark Sparbach


Stiftung Fürst Liechtenstein –SPARBACH NATURE PARK

Austria’s first Nature Park.

In the year 1810, Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein began the afforestation of the karst hills around Mödling and designed a romantic estate. He set up a wildlife sanctuary and, in keeping with the times, erected several monuments and laid out viewing spots and natural meadowlands. In 1962, Austria’s first nature park was opened in Sparbach. In 2005 it was redesigned with the help of Landscape Funds that the Province of Lower Austria enhanced (?) with a wide range of attractions.

Experiencing the Nature Park.

Take the time to explore this part of the Vienna Woods! We invite you to ramble through the forests, relax and unwind at one of the resting-places along the way and enjoy a picnic on the grassy »Dianawiese«. You can also learn about the background and creation of this protected cultural landscape.

Royal guides

Let the spirit of Prince Johann and Princess Maria guide you on an adventure tour! You can observe wildlife at play, listen to the birds singing, marvel at the giant trees and discover the smallest inhabitants of the forest.

Children’s programme

A natural playground

Your children can climb up into the tree-house with its giant slide and spider’s web, jump onto the seesaw and whirl around in the spinning top. They can create their own music and work of art using the twigs, leaves and fruits of the forest.

A natural playground

Observing wildlife at play

Special features of our park are black-coated wild boars, which roam around freely in groups with their young, combing the soil for food.

Location and how to get there