Owner and Publisher:
Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH

Disclosure statement according to § 25 media law:

Name of company: Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH
Address: Hauptplatz 11
Postal code/city: A 3200 Purkersdorf
Telephone: +43 2231/621 76
Telefax: +43 2231/655 10
Web site:

Regulatory body:
UID: ATU62548844
Commercial register no.: fn275858z
Register court: BG Purkersdorf

Nature and purpose of the business:
Planning and executing marketing measures for the tourism and leisure industry, local authorities and tourism associations in the Vienna woods region on domestic and international markets; promotional services for other industries in the Vienna woods region; execution of other tasks in the framework of public relations and marketing in the interest of the Vienna Woods region; establishing a marketing network.

Editorial policy:
Destination Vienna Woods GmbH's web site is an open internet portal for the propose of promoting and developing tourism in the Vienna Woods region.
Despite thorough research, we accept no liability for the content published on this web site or the programming of the technical services.
As a pure service and information platform, this site contains, apart from the newsletter, also links to third party web sites.
We accept no liability for the content of the web sites that are linked on The respective service provider is responsible for the information found on those.

Managing Director: Ing. Mag. Mario Gruber

Verein zur Förderung d. Interessen d. Tourismuswirtschaft
Niederösterreich Werbung GmbH
Verein Thermenregion-Wienerwald
Verein Tourismusverband Wienerwald
Verein Landesverband für Urlaub am Bauernhof in NÖ

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Mag. Irene Moser
Mag. Christian Neuwirth
Bgm. Labg. Christoph Kainz
Knud Guth
Friedrich Veit
Mag. Stefan Bauer
Landesobmann Bgm. Peter Höbarth
Ines Dombois