Triestingau cycle route

Top bicycle trail from City border Vienna/Lanzendorf to Schönau an der Triesting

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Elevation profile

71,43 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Route: 71,43 km
  • Ascent: 101 egm
  • Descent: 109 egm
  • Duration: 2:00 h
  • Lowest point: 155 m
  • Highest point:258 m
  • Stage tour
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Cultural/historical value

Details for: Triestingau cycle route

Brief description

The North-South-axis through the vast country

The EuroVelo 9 is part of the European long-distance cycling network and connects the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic. On the way from Gdańsk to Pula, about 180 km run through Lower Austria, first quiet by the Weinviertel (section Vienna - Brno), then through Vienna, then enjoyably through the thermal spring region (section Thermenradweg (bike path) and alternatively the Triestingau-bike path) and finally is a little more demanding along the Thermenradweg (bike path).

South of Vienna on the same height as Leoberdsorf is the Triestingau-bike path a nice alternative to the Thermenradweg (bike path).



The Triestingau-bike path - along the riverside

The alternate route South of Vienna. On a length of about 30 km, the so-called "Triestingau" bike path stretches between Lanzendorf and Schönau an der Triesting. On the route, cyclists ride on flat terrain along the river. Cyclists can dive into the silent floodplains or divert to Heurigen (inn) locations along the route. With its further alternate connections along the Schwechat (river) in Vienna and the Thermenradweg (bike path) along the WR. Neustadt Canal to the South, the "Triestinger route" is an important North South bike route in the South-Eastern part of Lower Austria.

Starting point of the tour

City border Vienna/Lanzendorf

Destination point of the tour

Schönau an der Triesting

Route description Triestingau cycle route

Schwechat- Zwölfaxing - Lanzendorf/ Maria Lanzendorf - Himberg - Achau - Münchendorf - Trumau - Oberwaltersdorf - Tattendorf - Teesdorf - Günselsdorf - Schönau an der Triesting

More info/links

TIP: There are numerous wine taverns along the route. On www. ausgstecktis. com you can see which company is currently out of business.


Wienerwald Tourism:

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Safety information

Achtung - Aufgrund von Adaptierungsarbeiten und Routenoptimierungsmaßnahmen kann es immer wieder zu kürzeren Teilsperren und Umleitungen kommen. Alle vorhandenen Informationen werden laufend aktualisiert. 

Author's tip

The exit points Himberg and Schönau an der Triesting are easily accessible both by car and by public transport.

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