Stift Klosterneuburg, © Martina Konrad Murphy

Monasteries, convents and churches

Discover centuries-old culture.

There is a remarkable concentration of historic buildings in the Wienerwald. In addition to the large monasteries, convents and churches, early Baroque abbeys, basilicas and other sacred buildings are just waiting to tell you their stories.

The convents, monasteries and churches in the Wienerwald tell their own captivating stories, for example, the bloody tragedy hidden within Karmel Mayerling, the hunting lodge of Crown Prince Rudolf.

The Carmelites now live a hidden life – they offer guided tours in which they show the magnificent church and display rooms concerning the Mayerling tragedy.

The tradition continues in the Klosterneuburg monastery, which was the temporary residence of the Babenbergs and Habsburgs and has been the Augustinian Canonry for 900 years: The monastery is a place of lived faith, home to a collection of unique cultural treasures and producer of fine wines at the same time.

There is hardly anywhere in the entire German-speaking world where spiritual and secular life have united as much as they have here.