Types of data/Data sources

What data is processed? What sources does this data come from?

We process the personal data that we receive from you in the course of a business relationship or data that you provide to us by consent. These include, among other things, the registration for the newsletter, the ordering of brochures, the ordering of vouchers/'Kellergassenhaus' porcelain houses, booking enquiries, competitions, registration on the event database and/or POI database (user) and contact enquiries.

Personal data includes:

  • Private person: Name, address, contact details (e-mail, phone), country
  • Staff of organisations and partner companies: Within the scope of the business to business relationship, the name of the company or organisation is recorded and stored in addition to the above data.

In addition, in individual cases, personal data may also include the following data:

  • Photo data, in the context of competitions
  • Data from the fulfilment of our contractual obligation
  • Data for fulfilling pre-contractual measures