Babenberger- Strecke

Mountainbike route from Klosterneuburg, Camping

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Elevation profile

20,62 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 20,62 km
  • Ascent: 374 egm
  • Descent: 374 egm
  • Duration: 1:55 h
  • Lowest point: 162 m
  • Highest point:492 m
  • Round tour

Details for: Babenberger- Strecke

Brief description

This medium-difficulty round trip starts in Klosterneuburg, passes the Klosterneuburg Monastery and the town hall square, continuing through the shadowy woods. Many other excursion destinations and rest points can be found along the route as well.


Camping Klosterneuburg - Buchberg - Rotes Kreuz - Windischalm - Weidling - Camping Klosterneuburg


Starting point of the tour

Klosterneuburg, Camping

Destination point of the tour

Klosterneuburg, Camping

Route description Babenberger- Strecke

The trip begins either at the camping site in Au or at the railway station. Uphill along the Hundskehle at Niedermarkt Klosterneuburg, past the monastery and onwards up to the town hall square. Then right onto Franz-Rumpler-Straße. Follow it until Babenbiker-MultiCache and Babenbergerstrecke separate at Jahnstraße. Then follow the route uphill up to Buchberg until you reach the highest point, which is in the direct vicinity of Winaischhütte. In the end, you can enjoy a descent to Klosterneuburg.


B14 up to Klosterneuburg Kierling. You will then be ca. 5 minutes away from the beginning of the route.


A park-and-ride parking space is located next to the Kierling railway station.

Coming from Vienna - Bus from Heiligenstadt to Kierling railway station, or train to Kierling railway station.

More info/links

Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH
Hauptpl. 11, 3002 Purkersdorf
Tel. +43/2231/621 76

Tourismusverein Klosterneuburg
Niedermarkt 4, 3402 Klosterneuburg 
Tel.: 02243/32038, Fax: 02243/267 73

Stadtgemeinde Klosterneuburg 
Rathausplatz 1, 3400 Klosterneuburg 
Tel.: 02243/444, Fax: 02243/44 42 96

Map recommendations

MTB Karte Wienerwald

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  • Klosterneuburg: Augustinian canon monastery Klosterneuburg, Marian column, plague column, Kafka bust, Lourdes grotto, art collection in Schömerhaus

There are the following places to stop in the vicinity:


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