Mountainbike route from parking space Holzrechenplatz

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Elevation profile

27,62 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 27,62 km
  • Ascent: 837 egm
  • Descent: 837 egm
  • Duration: 3:30 h
  • Lowest point: 240 m
  • Highest point:834 m
  • Round tour
  • With refreshment stops
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Details for: Lindkogel-Strecke

Brief description

The Hoher Lindkogel with its ‘Eisernes Tor’ mountain shelter is a must for hikers as well as mountain bikers. It is one of the most frequently-visited mountains in the Vienna Woods!


Baden - Helenental - Zobelhof - Hoher Lindkogel – Sooßer Lindkogel – Sooß - Baden

Starting point of the tour

parking space Holzrechenplatz

Destination point of the tour

parking space Holzrechenplatz

Route description Lindkogel-Strecke

The scenery along the Lindkogel route definitely deserves to be recommended. After all, it runs through the Helenental and up to the Hoher Lindkogel and the Sooßer Lindkogel! However, the route has a lot to offer when it comes to culture as well. The Rauheneck castle ruin, the Cholera Chapel, the Chapel of St. Helena, Hirschenkreuz and the Beethoven-Stein are located along or near the route.

From the starting point (Holzrechenplatz parking space), you can swing into the Helenental-Radweg and ride through Helenental in order to warm up for the challenging ascent up to the Lindkogel. Proceed along Schwechat on the right side of the stream until you reach the Krainerhütte. Many hikers naturally move through Helenental as well. The route should therefore be traversed in a considerate manner - with each other instead of against each other! The next part of the path runs along the signposted ‘Lindkogelstrecke’ mountain biking route in the direction of Zobelhof. The uphill journey up the Hoher Lindkogel is carried out using both the forest road and the hiking path. At one point, you will also get an opportunity to use the forest road to circumnavigate a firm ascent.  Once the peak of the Hoher Lindkogel (834 m) has been reached, the ‘Eisernes Tor’ mountain shelter encourages you to come in and take a break (good cooking!). Pleasant single trails are then used to go down in the direction of Sooß via the Sooßer Lindkogel. Many hikers and walkers are on the move here as well. So please stay on the route, be considerate of the other people looking for rest and relaxation and ensure that your behaviour adheres to the Biker Fairplay code. You then cross through the vineyards of Sooß and Baden until you return to Helenental and the parking space. Please note that this scenically delightful tour has a few ‘stingers’ as well!


A2, Baden exit - In the direction of Helenental - To the Holzrechen parking space (at the edge of the city or further directly up to the parking space, left before the 1st rock tunnel


Baden, Holzrechen parking space; or the parking space that is directly in front of the first rock tunnel in Helenental

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Der Witterung angepasste Kleidung. Einen Rucksack mit Trinken, Powerfood, Erste-Hilfe-Tasche und persönliche wichtige Dinge, mitnehmen.

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Eine Grundausrüstung an Werkzeugen, wie eine Luftpumpe, zur Sicherheit mitnehmen.

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MTB Karte Biosphärenpark Wienerwald

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  • Baden: Hauptplatz, Josefsplatz, Stadpfarrkirche St. Stephan, Jubiläumsstadttheater Baden, Römertherme Baden, Beethoven Haus, Rosarium, Congress Casino Baden, Thermalstrandbad, Helenental/St.Helena

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