Canal leaseholder bench

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Hang around this bench a little in honour of the Wiener Neustädter Canal

In the 19th century, both - Moritz I. Graf von Fries and Georg Simon Freiherr von Sina - owners of Vöslau Castle went on to rent the canal. The latter was also involved in the Südbahn and the Neusiedler Papierfabrik. Castle lord Moritz I. Graf von Fries, who was once one of the richest in the monarchy, soon went bankrupt after renting the canal in 1822. He is said to have been a role model for Ferdinand Raimund's "The Spendthrift".
The bench is dedicated to him and the history of the canal and is inviting enough to make you want to take a break. The bench is located on the Vöslau section of the Wiener Neustädter Canal on an idyllic little bridge overlooking the Harzberg.

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