Weinherbst Klosterneuburg Wienerwald, © Niederösterreich Werbung / Michael Liebert

The wine autumn in the Vienna Woods

Where precious drops feel right at home

The more than 30 culinary events held in the autumnal Vienna Woods ensure you spend several wine-tastic hours at the venue and have unforgettable experiences all to do with the native grapes.

The autumn season is especially colourful in the Vienna Woods,  due, in particular, to the diverse culinary events and wine-related offerings. Those who want to get to know the land and its people through regional delicacies will find ample opportunity to do so during the wine autumn event in the region standing before the gates of Vienna. What are you waiting for? The time is ripe for enjoyment!

The days are getting shorter. Nature is displaying its most magnificent colours. And the Vienna Woods? The autumn season marks the beginning of a very special time in the localities around the national capital. This is a period of time during which everything revolves around the diversified enjoyment of wine. The region’s wine growers use the framework of various festivals to present their vintage drops from the end of August into the month of November. Hiking, lingering, savouring, enjoying – oh heart, what more could you possibly want?

Special wine-related autumn moments

Eight wine-growing areas and a total of 2200 hectares of grape vines. These are figures that have turned the Vienna Woods thermal region into a top destination for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the precious berry juice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in days of open house cellar or strolls through vineyards or Austria’s biggest harvest festival. Those who want to fully enjoy extraordinarily joyful moments in a unique setting are bound to find what they’re looking for at the wine autumn event near Vienna.

The Genussmeile as the highlight of the tasteful line-up

Would you like a small taste of things to come? When it comes to the Genussmeile, the locals and people from far away can expect nothing less than the longest bar in the world . The more than 80 establishments that are spread over a stretch of ten kilometres offer anything and everything that can be conjured out of grapes. Other highlights are the wine-grower’s hike in Sooß, the Hiataeinzug event in Perchtoldsdorf and the presentation of the Junger Hiata.

Also worth a look: The Baden grape diet cure weeks and the grape-apple-and-pear-wine cure in Bad Vöslau, the Riedenfest in Kritzendorf, the Walk around Tattendorf, the days of open house cellars in Gumpoldskirchen and - for those who are interested in another kind of parish fair - the blood sausage parish fair in Bad Vöslau.

You’ll see that precious drops have the delightful starring role in the autumnal Vienna Woods. Supporting roles are played quite impressively by heartfelt hospitality and unique nature. Go ahead and get an overview of the wine stores and all the events covered by the multi-faceted wine autumn event!

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