Weidlingbach trail park

The opening of the Weidlingbach trail park in July 2016 marked the beginning of a new era of mountain biking in the Vienna Woods. Pure riding enjoyment on two MTB routes - a fun line and a flow line!

The trail park can be reached using both the neighbouring network of mountain biking routes and the ‘shared trails’ that are supposed to be used by hikers as well as mountain bikers.

Weidlingbach fun line

The fun line should primarily appeal to experienced MTB riders. Even though it has numerous large abutments and crevices, it can also be traversed quite easily by less experienced mountain bikers. It contains 35 built abutments, 8 tables, 5 camel waves, 1 hip jump and 2 step-downs.
Length 1.5 km, height difference 175 m

Weidlingbach flow line

Beginner-friendly, family-friendly and flowing trail that features several abutting curves and separate waves, and which meanders into the valley. The riding time is longer than that of the fun line, which is why the flow line becomes challenging once again towards the end. It contains 69 built abutments and 5 waves.
Length 1.8 km, height difference 175 m

Further information

The Wienerwald Trails association and its many voluntary supporters take care of the construction operations, upkeep and route maintenance operations regarding the trail park.
All the respective information regarding the status and opening times of the lines in the trail park can be found directly at Wienerwald Trails.