1.11.23 - 28.2.24

Mountainbike, © Niederösterreich Werbung/Markus Frühmann

Mountain biking

Mountain biking through the diverse and hilly Vienna Woods.

The landowners, local authorities and Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH do not allow the established mountain biking routes to be used from November to February. On 1st of march 2024 the new mountainbike season starts.

Mountain bikers can look forward to the following in the Vienna Woods: 

  • 1370 km of MTB routes for all abilities
  • 90 km out of which are dedicated to single trails
  • reduced asphalt content of 32 per cent
  • more than 6000 guidance arrows, which were/are being replaced across the board in 2019
  • a forward-looking route network that relieves the burden on the natural environment

Why the Vienna Woods are unique from a mountain biker’s point of view

The Vienna Woods are both diverse and hilly, which in turn means that they are absolutely ideal for experiences involving mountain biking! A well-balanced mix of easy, medium-difficulty and difficult trips guarantees that every rider will be able to find a suitable route. This includes everyone from beginners and leisure bikers to technically demanding bikers who are on the lookout for fun and flow. The numerous stretches leave nothing to be desired in terms of sports-related wishes! 

Outstanding infrastructure along the routes

Various authentic rest points ensure culinary delights for each one of your trips. You could cycle up to the lodge in the morning, savour the regional delicacies once you reach the top, and start heading down towards the valley after having fortified yourself. There are also numerous scenic highlights along the route that will encourage you to take a break and linger for a while. Discover the multitude of public open spaces that have been established, and step into the numerous restaurants to take a well-deserved break wherethe snacks for cyclists taste particularly good.

On to the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve

Humans and nature are in perfect harmony with each other at the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve – and that is both correct and important! After all, neither can function in the other’s absence. More and more people are being drawn into the great outdoors. It is regarded as imperative to protect and preserve the natural environment. By following the fair play rules, every mountain biker can contribute to the existence of a sustainable recreation space and a sustainable living space.

By the way, there are seven mountain bike routes that link Vienna to the Vienna Woods. All of these routes take environmental protection goals such as the preservation of rare animals and plants into account. 

Winter dormancy

Due to the responsibility that has to be borne vis-a-vis the natural environment in the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve and the important forestry work that needs to be done, the mountain biking season ends at the end of October. The landowners, local authorities and Wienerwald Tourismus GmbH do not allow the established mountain biking routes to be used from November to February. The contractual partners shall assume no liability for any potential incidents that may take place during this time.